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advantages fireplaces

  • without installation, chimney, unpleasant odor and smoke free
  • easy installation
  • you do not have to worry about burning, soot, ash and dirt
  • You can select different indestructible ceramic wood (imitation natural wood)
  • natural flames
  • improve the quality and comfort of your stay
    - Attached to the burner
    - The possibility of setting fire
    - You can place it in any indoor or terrace
  • a ekokamina in renovation of apartments or houses
  • They represent the possibility of space heating during transitional periods
  • romantic atmosphere in a circle of loved ones with pleasant natural fire you spend very little time
  • ekokamini are mobile and can without much effort and cost be moved freely (even in the event of relocation)
  • suitable for the various restaurants, where you will be a natural fire and warmth pamper your guests

All our ekokamini are carefully screened and tested